The history of Jungshook

As the internet has gotten more mainstream, more and more memes are created and while they use to be known by everyone who was an avid internet user, they can now exist exclusively in fandoms/smaller groups of people. But just the same, memes impact how people communicate with each other and have become a sort of inside joke.


Take this meme for example. The Kpop group BTS’s fandom ARMY noticed that the youngest member Jungkook would have wide eyes and would seem to stare at nothing. It was soon labelled “Jungshook” and now ARMYs use it to express when they themselves feel this emotion as well as searching for other times when Jungkook would be ‘Jungshook’.

Army have taken this image and used it everywhere. Twitter feeds and comments filled with just this image. Often it is in response to the kpop groups new projects, albums, songs, or just anything they post.

In addition, people began to create additional edits, enhancing the joke.

Jungshook edit example
Jungshook edit example 2

There are even fans dedicated to finding and compiling all the instances of Jungshook. (Video example here)

Even BTS and the other members of the group seem to have caught on and have become shook themselves.

Suga Shook
Jimin Shook

So while being shook definetly isn’t something new, BTS and its fandom have definetly taken this meme to a whole new level.