The Undervalued Search Engine of Apple

Are you on iTunes/Apple?

And I don’t mean listening to music either.

Last week I made a video responding to Gary Vaynerchuk’s article on The Rise of Audio & Voice, stating that iTunes/Apple is an undervalued search engine. By no means is the company undervalued. I’m just referring to the use of the masses considering it a search engine. If you ask someone the question, are you on iTunes? Many people will say “no” because they’re not an artist. However, iTunes is changing. In fact, this past April, iTunes re-branded to the preferred name of “Apple” for music, podcasts, and other content distribution services.

What started out as the #1 music hub is turning into the primary content hub. It is no longer about being a musician, but being a content creator. More importantly, being a content creator that can leverage distribution platforms. Additional common audio platforms are GooglePlay, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and the app Anchor.FM.

In Gary Vee’s article he mentions that audio streaming is up 76% with podcast being replaced by music. As an expert it is imperative to jump on podcast to demonstrate your expertise. The benefits are

  1. Leverage the appropriate channels.
  2. Borrow a targeted audience.
  3. Increase visibility.

My friend, Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules, posted on Facebook, “ I stopped Googling people, I search for them in iTunes. Because if they really know what they’re talking about or are really relevant they have been interviewed on podcasts.”

Hopefully I will come across you on Apple or GooglePlay.

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