each Volleyball is perhaps the sport with the most sexism surrounding it, and why? Because they wear bikinis? “Olympic Beach Volleyball: Great Bodies, Bikinis and More,”
Female athletes are competing for more than just championships
Camille Botello

I hate that it’s still a convention that women who play beach volleyball must that wear bikinis. Beach volleyball is played outdoors and it’s risky to expose so much skin to the sun because of things like skin cancer.

In the last Olympics Egypt’s volleyball team was able to play in clothes comfortable for them, and they were not slowed down by not wearing bikinis. The situation became a headline new story just because these women broke the convention. I just wish athletes wouldn’t becomes spectacles for breaking the norm when the norm is rooted in sexist exhibitionism.

Here’s a relevant quote I found from one ofthe aforementioned Egyptian athletes: “I have worn the hijab for 10 years, it doesn’t keep me away from the things I love to do, and beach volleyball is one of them.”

Quote source: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/4b68785dcb7a4170977d14da9f45bbdf/egyptian-beach-player-hijab-wont-keep-me-sport

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