“If a woman even talks about sex openly … she is shamed!
The media sexualizes us and then tells us we can’t be sexual? What the —?
Camille Botello

This is so frustrating! Our society’s stigma of of women discussing women’s sexuality is harmful in that it can lead to women not being able to research or discuss their own bodies.

I see and hear all the time about how men are grossed out by women’s parts (I’m talking periods and masturbation) and they do everything they’d an to discredit the women who talk about them. For example, sex-positive blogger Laci Green is often bullied by men on social because they consider her content obscene. I think society as a whole needs a refresher on what’s obscene! The scientific merit is what makes content like Laci’s educational and not obscene.

If you’re not familiar with Laci’s videos I def recommend you check them out and do some research on her years of controversy. She’s been threatened by bullies so bad she’s had to discontinue her show for periods of time. Most recently she and other vloggers like here were discredited for being “unqualified”… so frustrating www.wetheunicorns.com/debate/sex-ed-new-york-times-laci-green/#eKqWpT3S5GWwa3Pr.97

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