It’s cliche, but nature is a healer, it’s free medicine if you take it regularly.

What it’s not, it’s not transactional. You cannot pop in your credit card or hand over your prescription paper and expect it to do the job right on the spot.

Allowing nature to be a part of your healing is threading back together the broken twines of our relationship with evolution and being part of the chain.

So why do we indulge in addictive behaviours; junk food, alcohol, drugs, social media or go to the doctors for more drugs to deal with our mental health…

The pandemic has earned its spot in the history books and this point in time will be discussed and speculated over for decades to come. From the impact to our economy to the systemic failings in governments around the globe. The world is no longer the same.

I’m interested in how the human experience has been playing out

There is no longer the wishful thinking of what we could do with all that time if we didn’t have to go to work, a common day dream of being shut off from the world to catch up on sleep, jobs or…

Michelle Parry

Community builder fascinated with human rewi​lding and nature. I love to connect people and create meaningful experiences, learn, grow and have fun.

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