Avoid Facebook Deletion Remorse

There are plenty of times where I have found myself subconsciously clicking the Facebook icon on my phone for no reason. I am also ashamed to admit that I have procrastinated on life decisions because scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed was instantly gratifying. After noticing these behaviors, I get so frustrated with myself and would vow to delete Facebook on multiple occasions but I could never execute. The reason why is because Facebook is the main way I grow my business and I have a fear of missing out.

Most of my clients are late adopters who use Facebook as their main social network. They aren’t as tech savvy and technological change is intimidating for them. I’m in the service industry business so part of my job is to keep my clients up to speed with current trends in the beauty world but this shouldn’t exclude other trends. I find solutions to my Facebook dilemma by introducing other social networks I’m utilizing and encouraging our engagement that way. It will add value to their service because it’s another network they will have available to them. In terms of addressing my fear of missing out, I have to cut out the mindless junk and practice what I preach. Earlier, I mentioned the early adopters and I realize I’m probably referring to myself. After reading this article, I didn’t realize Facebook had fake news streaming through their feed. In my opinion, this type of misinformation takes away Facebook’s credibility and attractiveness. It gives me confidence that if I delete Facebook then it will not be the end of connecting to the world. I can find my news using Twitter by following trustworthy organizations I choose to follow. It may be uncomfortable changing my habits but at least my time connecting with people on social media will be more productive.