When I was around ten years old, I made an application in a programming language called Clipper. My dad worked for a bank and he needed a specific piece of software which would perform some rather simple tasks. Remembering that his son was very much into programming, he decided to ask me.

Since this bank was using dBASE III, he directed me to Clipper. I honestly had no idea what I was exactly making because at ten years old, it’s quite hard to understand the inner workings of banks and their database systems. …

Good news! After almost going extinct, the wolf has finally returned to Europe. Its numbers aren’t that large yet (estimates speak of about 18,000 specimens) but it seems to be a definite return of an animal that was almost lost forever. To me this is wonderful news; to a lot of other people, it’s not. According to the latter category, the wolf is already becoming a threat to us and should therefore be stopped as soon as possible. And when humans talk about “stopping” certain animals from interfering with our capitalist existence, it means murdering them. Always.

Some people even…

Michiel Papenhove

Audiophile. One-man band/producer. Started in Within Temptation and punk bands, evolved into an electro-loving geek. https://soundcloud.com/michett

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