Five bad ideas for Michigan — and what you can do to stop them from becoming reality:

Michigan state lawmakers are pushing the most aggressively anti-environmental agenda we’ve seen — bills that would hand over control of our protections to polluting industries, pump our clean water without limits, undermine our state park system, leave us vulnerable to toxic chemicals, and open the door to invasive species.

The good news is that none of these bills have become law (yet), and if Michiganders continue speaking out we can stop them in their tracks.

Here’s what YOU need to know about five of the worst ideas coming out of Lansing (and what you can do to stop them):

#1. The Fox Guarding the Henhouse Bills (SB 652–654)

What do the bills do? These three bills would hand over final authority for all environmental rulemaking and permit decisions to unelected boards stacked with industry representatives.

This industry fox is salivating at the thought.

What can you do to fight back? Please join us in urging your State Representative to oppose these dangerous bills.

UPDATE [4/25/18]: The “Fox Guarding the Henhouse” bills passed through the House Committee on Michigan Competitiveness this afternoon. Next stop is the full House, the vote could happen at anytime and we expect they might move through the House as quickly as they did the Senate. It’s time to make our voices heard. Call your State Representative today:

#2. The Drain the Streams bill (HB 5638)

What does the bill do? The bill would let private companies and factory farms withdraw huge amounts of Michigan water, regardless of the impact to Michigan’s streams and wetlands.

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink when it’s pumped irresponsibly!

What can you do to fight back? It is critical that Michiganders like you turn out in force to stop this terrible bill. Urge YOUR state representative to oppose the “Drain the Streams” bill and fight for Michigan’s waterways!

#3. The Playing Fast & Loose with Invasive Species bill (HB 5095)

What does the bill do? This bill would roll back Michigan’s ballast water pollution standards — leaving our Great Lakes vulnerable to aquatic invasive species by bringing Michigan’s standards down to weaker levels set by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The bill, like this Asian Carp, is a slap in the face.

What can you do to fight back? Since this bill was introduced, more than 4,300 Michigan LCV members have taken action to oppose this reckless plan. Send Governor Snyder a message to let him know that you want him to veto any plan that puts our Great Lakes at risk from invasive species.

#4. The Trust Us with the Trust Fund bill (SB 551)

What does the bill do? The bill would give a handful of state politicians control over Michigan’s Natural Resources Trust Fund — which uses state oil and gas revenues to pay for new state parks and public recreation lands.

We aren’t filled with confidence.

What can you do to fight back? The entire Michigan LCV community is calling on the Governor to oppose the legislation and veto it if it lands on his desk. Add your name to urge Governor Snyder to put a stop to this reckless plan for our parks and public lands!

#5. The No Stricter than Federal bill (HB 4205)

What does the bill do? The bill would prohibit Michigan from enacting any regulation stronger than federal standards, which are designed to be bare-minimum public health, food safety, drinking water, and environmental safeguards, not necessarily the strong protections Michigan communities need or deserve.

Michigan is facing serious threats — state leaders will eventually realize they should do something about them, right?

What can you do to fight back? Michigan has a long and strong history of leading the way in the adoption of strong environmental protections, because our past leaders understood that our state’s natural resources are central to our health, well-being and way of life. Send your State Senator a message that “No Stricter Than Federal” is a bad idea for Michigan that puts the health of our families at risk!

We need REAL leadership in Lansing

Dozens of communities across our state are grappling with drinking water that isn’t safe to drink. We need leadership out of Lansing, not reckless ideas that leave us even more vulnerable to the threats facing our families and communities.

Our state leaders should be focused on safeguarding public health and addressing our state’s growing drinking water crisis, not doing favors for special interests that profit off the use of Michigan’s natural resources.

These ideas are unacceptable and dangerous for the Great Lakes State.

We’re more than a little tired of the legislative nonsense, how about you?

If we want to have a state government that prioritizes keeping our families, our communities, and our natural resources safe, we need to hold our elected leaders accountable for these reckless proposals.

Stopping these bad ideas starts with Michiganders staying informed, and ends with our decisions on Election Day.

Michigan deserves a heck of a lot better.

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