The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

I’ve put 25+ years into the Apple ecosystem and I’m very loathe to learn something new, but I do hear what you’re saying. Apple has gone from the feisty underdog, even junk yard dog, to this behemoth not unlike Microsoft or even IBM if you’re old enough to remember. During the 90’s so many of us faithful were just terrified that they would dry up and fold their tent and I think many super-fans still live in that mindset.

But Apple is now the largest company on the Dow, one of the largest, richest in the world and Steve Jobs, the Walt Disney of tech, is 5 years gone. How do they reinvent themselves and garner interesting press for something other than a refusal to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone? I’m not sure they have the answer to that question yet, but it’s most certainly being discussed amongst the Tim and his Apostles. It has to be.

I think what the people who create technology have failed to figure out is how to innovate without changing everything.

How can you make things simpler, easier to use, more intuitive with greater functions and not make things that requires weeks of relearning skills we spent 100 times that long learning?

Eliott, you’re a good writer and you obviously have more toying-around-with-tech time on your hands than I do, so I suggest that you carry 2 phones for 100 days and see what happens. I’d like to read that review from the perspective of what didn’t sync anymore, what you had to relearn, and how you cobbled together a new ecosystem in spite of the affair with the Android phone.

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