From A To Z: A Short History Of My Professional Successes And Failures
Lisette Voytko

Aw man. I rewrote that comment more politely but I guess I didn’t save. Even though you don’t seem offended, I apologize for my bluntness. I meant to say that as a person who fails quite often, I was very interested in reading another person’s failure diary, and was disappointed to not find it. The experience you described it pretty typical in the startup world, so I wouldn’t describe it as a professional failure at all, more like “Did I Fail the Startup, or Did the Startup Fail Me?” It sounds more like a chronicle of a toxic environment, bad fit, or comment on unhealthy norms of a particular sector. nothing of this article smacks of failure to me, other than mabe the failure of the startup world to provide many of its employees with a healthy work-life balance. I say, retitle this one with something more fitting, then write the article that the title we’re both so interested in deserves! Coffee date accepted if you’re ever in Germany or Bangkok, I don’t go to the US so often anymore :-P

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