Putin Slays Party of Reagan with Trumpism, but Revives Liberal Conservatism
Tracy Downey

Interesting read. It’s easy (some might say lazy) to point the finger at Trump for all of America’s ills, when the hyperpartisanship arguably began long before Trump was a factor. It was nasty during the Carter and Reagan administrations and has progressively (no pun intended) worsened with the explosion of content and, especially, social media. Mike Godwin pointed this out in 1990.

The left, to a very large degree, must take ownership of the decay in civility and the denuding of ideas. People who advocate an end to 30 years’ lack of border enforcement are not “Nazis” any more than people who support a safety net are “Communists”. At some point, the left had run institutions for so long that they stopped developing and teaching progressive arguments and began the very illiberal practice of shutting down and demonizing any dissent. This was fostered by net anonymity (and both “sides” are guilty), but has now devolved to the point that that certain leftist factions routinely take to the streets to beat people with sticks, not for the crime of espousing an opposing viewpoint but merely for trying to hear one. This is terrorism.

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