Who would not want to live forever? Alas, physically and scientifically it is still not possible, but thanks to the advancement in technological sector and its branches, virtual immortality is expected, soon. It is possible through all the data that we put up on our social media accounts. We have already seen how the funeral industry is planning to transform urns and caskets into digital devices so that loved ones could remember those who departed even after they are not present physically. Today, social media is even offering ways to manage your accounts or at least allow someone else to manage it after your death. According to what Simon McKeown of the Teeside University UK told The Telegraph that within 50 years our personal computers will become so advanced that they could create avatars of people who are dead based on past movements, preferences and social media history.

Until today, we have had very limited ways to keep the memories of our departed loved ones apart from the pictures or probably videos that we might have, but these too does not serve the appropriate purpose. According to research a person himself has more than 75% of data in form of pictures and videos than he shares with other. Today, companies like Eter9 are using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to continue the usage of social media accounts of those who are deceased even after they have move on for their eternal abode.

Taking it a further step ahead than social media just carrying memories, companies like Eter9 claims that with the use of artificial intelligence and by amalgamating pictures, online activities and videos of the deceased person they will create a virtual 3D mockup of that person which is called photogrammetry. Through this idea we will be able to digitally re-create our loved ones and could bring back their memories and presence amongst ourselves.

And it will not be a 3D model only. Through computer voice synthesis, the vocal chords can be determined and matched so that the digital life form will not only look like the original humans in discussion but also sound like them too. As creepy as it may sound but only the rise of this idea clearly states the unparalleled importance of social media in our lives and it’s only bound to increase with passing time.

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