MicroChains V2 Beta Testing Event. Join now to Earn Juicy Rewards!

Get double rewards? Whitelist spots, feedback rewards, and a grand prize pool!

Over the past few months, we have been dedicated to delivering the best cross-chain bridge with a more user-friendly and secure solution. Can’t wait to share this big news with you: MicroChains V2 public testnet is now live! Let’s celebrate the successful deployment of public testnet together and mark this exciting milestone!

V2 Beta Testing Mega Event

Up to 2000 whitelist spots. Up to 50,000 USDT rewards!

The beta testing is to get feedback from the community so that ensure everyone interacts with protocol intuitively.

3 reasons for V2 beta testing:
1. Let users get familiar with product UI/UX and features for better experiences.
2. Collect reasonable suggestions/analysis on the product V2 from users
3. Identify early adopters and incentivize them

How to participate in the event?

Step 1: Follow us on Social

Follow Twitter @MicroChainsCbtc & Join the Discord channel and Telegram.

Step 2: Submit a test application

Apply whitelist here: https://forms.gle/7sYStJwTZsRA87Qp8

Whitelist application time: April 29th 8:00 — May 11th 13:00 2022 (UTC+0)

Available whitelist spots: 2,000

After the whitelist application is approved, you can get access to it via our official website. Welcome to share your feedback on the MicroChains Discord #testnet channel or write down your thoughts via this form!

*Whitelist results will be announced regularly. For those who win the test whitelist spot, we will publish the ETH account address on Google form.

Step 3: Submit feedback and earn rewards

Complete testing? Then please submit Feedback: https://forms.gle/CCQ8cCuGNZHMDnQo6 or go to our Discord/Telegram to share your opinions or ask anything.

Please carefully think about what changes/improvements to the V2 product you’d like to see. Users who provide valuable feedback split $50,000 rewards. More contributions and interactions will increase the chances of winning rewards.

Beta testing event: April 29th 8:00 2022 — May 14th 8:00 2022 (UTC+0)

About MicroChains V2

MicroChains (previously CBTC Bridge), as the first cross-chain bridge built on Cardano, is to provide more secure cross-chain solutions for emerging chains and all public chains with the goal of “The Power to Bridge More Emerging Chains”. It performs a 1:1 secure cross-chain of assets by locking source chain assets to a compliant custodian and minting tokens on the destination chain.

MicroChains now is bringing $BTC, $ETH and stablecoins ($USDT, $USDC) to Cardano ecosystem! In product V2 Testnet, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano networks are integrated into our cross-chain ecosystem in which users can move assets mutually from one chain to another.

Join MicroChains’ Community

MicroChains team will continue to explore more in the cross-chain bridge track and will support more chains & ecosystems!

We are making final efforts on product V2 and will bring a safer and more convenient cross-chain bridge. Please stay tuned for our development in the next few weeks!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MicroChainsCbtc


Discord: https://discord.gg/WCcrt7NttY




MicroChains — The power to bridge more emerging chains. Previously known as CBTC Bridge (The 1st cross-chain bridge on Cardano)

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MicroChains — The power to bridge more emerging chains. Previously known as CBTC Bridge (The 1st cross-chain bridge on Cardano)

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