Beautiful Untranslatable Words that Don’t Exist in English

From our past blog posts, we have said that in order for humans to have a much more in-depth experience in using the emotionally intelligent technologies, designers must create a precise vocabulary in terms of what a human is currently feeling.

And thinking of words and terminology is the first barrier before coming up with a good design. Truly, there are a lot of feelings, moods, and emotions that cannot be conveyed by the English language.

Good thing for us, The School of Life has launched Untranslatable Words, a set of word cards containing words from different languages complemented with images to help put light on some of our emotions that the English language doesn’t exactly have a word for.

The purpose of these word cards is to help us explain ourselves to other people better, to give a tangible sense of what we are feeling and to prove its existence. Having the knowledge of the right words defining what we feel will give us dignity and an accurate identification in times of trouble and confusion which can sometimes be annoying.

Here are some examples:

LITOST means the “humiliated despair we feel when someone accidentally reminds us, through their accomplishment, of everything that has gone wrong in our lives.”

MOKITA is a painful fact, wherein everyone is aware of but — out of compassion — no one dared to talk about it. Or in a much familiar quote: “The truth we all know, but agree not to talk about.”

SAUDADE interprets the bitter-sweet melancholic longing for something beautiful that is now gone. It may be sourced from a romantic relationship, childhood memories or something that when we remember it, it induces pain and yet we are thankful having such beauty graced our lives.

Human emotion is broad. And with the help of these word cards, we could easily identify our own current state and what we could do to cope with it. It is tough to read our emotions. But it is better for us to understand ourselves better before anyone else does.

That is why here in MicroCreatives we strive in giving our client what they specifically need. Whether in written or graphic format, we will help them achieve their business goals by providing them quality creative services.

So if you’re still lost in translation of what your project should be, contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect words to represent the message you want to convey.

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