Would a Business Correspondent Network Manager’s (BCNM’s) strategy to customize incentive structure change the agent business?

Figure 1: Old subscription plans offered by Eko to its agents (exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST))
Figure 2: Key demands from two different agents
Figure 3: Focus of the assessment conducted by MSC
  • Provides variable incentives for agents who have different turnovers, use specific services, or value features like longevity, subscription price, and commission value of the plans differently;
  • Introduces plans with minimal entry barriers for all the existing and new price-sensitive agents who adopt Eko; and
  • Enhances the suite of value-added features for high-potential agents.
Figure 4: The GBB approach suggested by MSC, Source: Harvard Business Review
  • Now, Devnarayan can choose plans with extended validity. He chooses a 365-day plan and does not bother with monthly payments.
  • Dharm Raj earns a higher income on cash withdrawals through AePS in his village. His overall earnings have also increased. He can now switch plans on specific days when customers receive subsidies. His outlet sees a high volume of transactions.



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