UAE’s Mohammed bin Zayed in Ankara for talks with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for first time in a decade

US tech giant is also seeking to permanently prevent NSO from using any Apple software, services or devices

Saudi Arabia reveals whereabouts of two detained royal family members

An undated picture made available on 30 May 2020, by a friend of Saudi Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz — also known as Ghazalan — shows him signing the visitors’ book in the German city of Dresden (AFP)

Sources tell MEE the Turkish president is banking on Mohammed bin Zayed to provide a cash injection to revive Turkey’s flagging economy

Matthew Hedges and Ali Issa Ahmad lodge lawsuit in Istanbul as Ahmed Naser al-Raisi looks set to be named head of international police force

Debris from destroyed drone was scattered in Saudi residential area but no injuries were reported, state TV reports

US intelligence agencies believed construction at Khalifa Port was of a military nature, rattling relations between Washington and the Gulf state, Wall Street Journal reports

As UK runs short of gas, Doha likely views any deal to increase supplies as chance to boost economic and military cooperation

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