Depression and Social Media
Cilka Ovettini

Such a good blog, and such an important message! You brought up so many important things about mental health, social media, and self-acceptance. I found myself nodding as I read through your points, realizing how many of the negative things I do myself. So many of us, especially girls and women, seem to forget when we are seeing other people’s posts, that they curate their pages just as much as we do. When I post an image to Instagram, I know that it is curated, perfectly selected by myself to look interesting, pretty, and fun. Yet, as I scroll through my feed, and look at similar pictures of other women, I find myself jealous and insecure, because I somehow forget that they went through the exact same filtering process as me. What you said at the end is 100% right as well though. We need to learn to surround ourselves with inspirational, supportive, and honest people. People who will remind us to appreciate ourselves, and that no one is perfect. Hopefully then we can become those people ourselves. I think it’s a pretty good goal.

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