Aut’s Declassified Online Survival Guide
Autumn Charalampidis

Thank you for this - so funny, helpful, and real. You really kept my attention with the list and the gifs. Anyway, on to the content: your tips are solid. Turning off push notifications has honestly saved my life, or at least my sanity. They used to overwhelm me so much, I felt like I couldn’t keep up with them all, and they seemed to fill up so much of my time. It was honestly a spiritual moment when I turned them all off, not an exaggeration at all. Regarding your point on hashtags, I’ll admit I don’t use them often, but I’ve totally seen what you’re talking about with the whole irrelevant, way too specific tag thing. Only, it’s not with people our age, it’s with my parents and their friends. They seem to think hashtags are just another way to caption, so they go on forever. I’ll end my comment with an all too real, unchecked hashtag I witnessed on a family friends Instagram post: #donttakemyfingerlrints (Yes, lrints not prints).

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