{The Big Idea — Assessment 1 task 2 presentation}

What is my product

My Product is a rebranding campaign of the East Gippsland Hockey association(EGHA) this campaign will be focusing on the representative sides of EGHA.

The campaign will include
Logo and name
Branding elements(colours,type etc.)
Social media banners
Playing uniform(top,shorts,socks,)
Apparel(Hoodies,tracksuits,member shirts,hats etc)
Website design(wireframe/prototype)
*Goalie Helmet and smock

Presentation Points

Research to prove that the product is viable

The Rebranding of East Gippsland Hockey Association is needed due to the current logo, website and uniform/apparel.

Logo: Small size leads to blurring on most application, Roadrunner is also copyrighted and could lead legal action, Roadrunner is also not particularly liked by players and members of the association.

Website: The website is very plain and looks unfinished, Fixtures and results is a main point for people to visit the website but it task 2 clicks to even get to the various age group within the competition and this second click is a link to the hockey victoria website instead of having the fixtures and results built into the EGHA website, website is also not updated very often with items such as photos and events.

Uniform/apparel: The current apparel options are limited to a hoodie and this hoodie is bright orange and due to this design is not overly like by players and members of EGHA they would rather wear non team related gear then this hoodie, The Uniform it self is not overly liked or dislike by players and members but could still need updating to match the rest of the rebranding campaign.

Target audience
Target audience for this campaign is all members of EGHA this includes male, female, young and old. I have broken the audience into primary and secondary markets, The primary market being EGHA representative players both male and female who range from the age of 16–23. I have chosen this market because of the current issues with branding, this market prefers to wear other Apparel rather than team Apparel post and pre-game due to the look of the current Apparel, this market also does not use the current team name Roadrunners and instead just calls themselves East Gippy. The secondary market for the campaign is all other members of EGHA because these people must also interact with the product. The final solution will focus on the primary market but will still cater to all other members of EGHA.


Design process(logo,uniform design, etc.):hourly rate($30) x hours( ) = ( )

Uniform manufacturing: $2000

Apparel manufacturing: $3000

Initial shipment of physical products: $500

Internet: 30% of internet is used for work: $30.oo per month

Software (adobe,*clip paint): $15.00 per month, *$50.00 or free trial

*Trademarking/IP protection: $400

Potential collaborators
madcore.com.au: Potential new manufacture they deal with team performance gear as well as apparel.

attacksports.com.au: Current manufacture already have that relationship.

This Rebranding hoping to be the final branding of EGHA and will last the entire lifespan of the association with that in mind EGHA could still update the branding to maintain relevant some of these updates could be new uniform but this uniform would follow the branding guidelines set out with the rebrand campaign another could be update of the website to stay current with the ever changing world.

Materials(included with uniform trends)
The material options involved with this product are minimal due to most sporting wear using similar material due to the Performance of said materials. Current materials used in hockey playing uniforms are High-performance lightweight nylon and polyester fabrics.

Emerging trends
An emerging trend with Hockey uniforms is that transition from the traditional short sleeve design to sleeveless designs which are most commonly used at Tournaments but have started to pop up in regular season uniforms. I have conducted some user interviews about which designs they prefer and X have said they prefer playing in sleeveless tops.

An emerging/current trend are that of naming sporting teams after an animal for example over half the JSC teams are animals, these animals are often the same first letter as the region/club name, for example, the JSC team Southern Sharks, but can also be different letters such as the Baltimore Ravens an NFL team.

Channels and Touchpoints for marketing the product
To promote and inform members of EGHA about the rebranding campaign I will be contacting and displaying the campaign via various ways these ways include.
Social media posts via EGHA accounts as well as display the campaign on the EGHA Website.
An Email that details the campaign and new uniforms out to all representative players/members.
Promotional images and examples at hockey events such as summer hockey, Round robin etc.


Deadlines for all assessments
Deadlines for deliverables of rebranding campaign
Project timeline for client presentation, light red/pink working phase, dark red soft deadlines and final deadline, medium red launch phase deadline, Green is green lighting the project and initiating the final stage of the product mass production/rollout

Potential collaborators
madcore.com.au: Potential new manufacture they deal with team performance gear as well as apparel.

attacksports.com.au: Current manufacture already have that relationship.

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