Prototyping and testing presentation further notes

Overview of the project

The Rebranding of East Gippsland Hockey Association is focus on updating the branding and identity of EGHA to a more professional and player focused team.

Logo: Small size leads to blurring on most application, Roadrunner is also copyrighted and could lead legal action, Roadrunner is also not particularly liked by players and members of the association.

Uniform/apparel: The current apparel options are limited to a hoodie and this hoodie is bright orange and due to this design is not overly like by players and members of EGHA they would rather wear non team related gear then this hoodie, The Uniform it self is not overly liked or dislike by players and members but could still need updating to match the rest of the rebranding campaign.

Target Market

Target audience for this campaign is all members of EGHA this includes male, female, young and old. I have broken the audience into primary and secondary markets, The primary market being EGHA representative players both male and female who range from the age of 16–23. I have chosen this market because of the current issues with branding, this market prefers to wear other Apparel rather than team Apparel post and pre-game due to the look of the current Apparel, this market also does not use the current team name Roadrunners and instead just calls themselves East Gippy. The secondary market for the campaign is all other members of EGHA because these people must also interact with the product. The final solution will focus on the primary market but will still cater to all other members of EGHA.


From the various surveys, observations and locker room talk, all data leads to that the current name the roadrunners and the current hoodie is not liked practically unanimously from the target market. as well as dislikes coming from the secondary market.


East Gippsland is looking to expand into other leagues which means the rebranding must not clash with any of the teams within these future leagues, the leagues have being broken into primary and secondary competitors, the primary competitors being leagues EGHA currently are involved in as well as the potential ones they are looking into expanding into. East Gippsland is looking to set the bar for team branding as well as proving to metro leagues that East Gippsland can compete in their leagues.


I sent the prototypes to a group of selected members within the primary market that cover all types of people within that market. The overall feedback was they really like the new designs and name, they had a few questions feedback points which were resolved with further explanation such as the all orange uniform looking good in real life but not in the flat design. I decided to go with the varsity style jackets over the hoodie as unique point for EGHA as well as setting a new bar for hockey team apparel. the feedback I got about the varsity jacket backed up my theory and the player loved the idea of them.

Prototype refinements

Because of feedback on the all orange uniform there was experiments done with the refinement of the uniform by adding a second colour in a small way to break up the solid orange.


I contacted Extreme Marquees to find out the model options, printing and pricing, Holly from Extreme Marquees was able to give me all the details I need to ensure that a EGHA marquee would be viable option.


The touchpoints I designer were a Marquee, social media items and building signage. The mentioned touch points all play a role in the promotion and interactivity of EGHA. Social media being the main form of information contact to current and new players. Marquee allowing for a designated and professionally place for the team to hang out and leave their bags during tournaments. Building signage to create an atmosphere at the soon to be newly developed synthetic field which will act as the home for EGHA.

Final branding design

This design concepts will be the final branding for the EGHA but it still needs go under some refinements from feedback but overall the design concept will stay the same.

Presentation end