{ V/line user experience — Brief 1— Task 2}


Participation in initial research workshop Territory Mapping shown

Assumptions identified (5)

  1. They want an anonymous report-abuse application to expose vandals and inappropriate behaviour on/around the train
  2. They want a Tracking app similar to inflight tracking on aeroplanes. This app would display current location, current speed, estimated time of arrival and delays.
  3. They want redesigned tickets that display more information such as seat/carriage number, departure and arrival times, all station stops
  4. They want improved signage at stations
  5. They want a quick, simple and easy to use card/account based system that allows them to check their credit at all time and pay for transport quicker and easier than the old paper ticket booking

Research plan outlined

To gather our research we will be asking the past and current users of the V/Line services a series of questions via a survey we will also be interviewing the ticket vendor as he/she sees how the V/Line operate from the inside and he/she also takes the complaints from users.

Below is our user survey/interview plan

Hi, we are students from Tractor Design School. We have an assignment that revolves around creating a better experience for V/line and their customers, we would like to ask you a few question about your V/line experience that should take no more than 5 minutes. All information and photographs being anonymous or named will only be used for this one assignment only and will not be released to anyone outside of the school.




How often do you use the V/line services:

- Daily — Weekly — Fortnightly — Monthly — Annually

What do you use them for:

- Sport — School — Vacation — Leisure

Rate your overall V/Line experience out of 10 with 10 being the highest:

- 1–2–3–4–5–6–7–8–9–10

Using the rating system above to rate the below services of V/line

- Punctuality( ) — Cost( ) — Booking( ) — Speed of train( ) — Frequency of trains( ) — Comfortable( ) — Food bar/service ( ) -

Ticket redesigning

Do you currently have any issues with the ticketing system?

- Yes — No

If so, would it be related to?

-Lack of information — durability of tickets — booking of tickets — other

What information do you want on your tickets:

- Seat/carriage number — departure and arrival times — all station stops

How often do you worry about losing your train ticket?

Not at all — Very Little — Mildly — Very much — Every time

Do you want a Card based system

-Yes — No

Do you use a pay wave system on your credit/bank card?

- Yes — No

Have you used a MYKI before?

- Yes — No — What’s a MYKI?

If so rate the MYKI system
— 1–2–3–4–5–6–7–8–9–10

How do you purchase your current train tickets?

- Online — At the station — Mobile app — Over the phone

Would you like to see a tracking app similar to that of the in-flight tracking on aeroplanes.

- Yes — No

What would you want this tracking app to display

- Current location — Speed — estimated arrival time — delays

Would you like to see an anonymous report-abuse application to expose vandals and inappropriate behaviour on/around the train:

- Yes — No

Would you want an option to be contacted further about your report

- Yes — No

Do you think the Bairnsdale station could improve their direction signage:

-Yes — No

Have you ever felt lost or confused at the Bairnsdale station:

- Yes — No

If so how did you find your way:

- Signage — Asking for directions/help — Wandering around


By signing this form you are fine with and allowing the above information and any photographs to be used in our assignment and only in this assignment.

Sign here………………………………..

At least two research methods used Research methods explained

Interview: Interviewing is a great way to gather research on any item/experience as the information given will contain facts as well as personal opinions, interviewing is also a great way to get subtle extra information from the person’s facial expression and tone of voice for example. Interviewing also allows for more targeted questions to be asked rather than a general survey and allow the interviewer to ask follow up questions depending on the answer.

Survey: Surveys are one of the simplest forms to gather data for research as they are normally quick to do,due to the questions being simple as well as the answer format, surveys are usually used to gather personal opinions on experiences, most people don’t mind completing a quick survey if it is related to something they use commonly although in person survey seems to have a low interaction rate than online surveys due to users being able to do the online survey whenever and not feel rushed or hassled during their day.

Target groups identified

Because of V/line’s range audience we will be gathering information from all groups of their users including the elderly, teenagers, young adults, families etc. We will also be gathering information from the ticket vendor and any other V/Line employees we come across.

2 competitors identified

Translink/Gocard (QLD)

Card based system with top up available online, over the phone and machines, the system also has auto top up feature allowing frequent users not have to worry about topping up their account every couple of days.

allows paper tickets but are clearly pushing the Card as standard tickets are 1 way only

Fares for go card and paper tickets seem cheaper than V/line and Myki prices.

Home Page.
To much on screen at once people might be overwhelmed not know where to head next.
Updates are displayed well but could be better if other information was moved from the home page.
Card information page.
Information is displayed clearly.
Quick and easy log in for returning customers as well as new customers to sign up.

Transport for London Oyster cards (London)

Card based system that allows the user to place credit on the card, set daily and weekly caps swell as an auto top up feature to allow the user to not have worry about having correct credit amount. Can also purchase and use paper tickets, a visitor card for travellers or even use pay wave system straight from your bank card accounts.

Pay as you go style/motto/setup

Card clash is the only setback but it can be avoided easily, card clash is when the scanner can not clarify which card to be scanned due to multiple eligible cards this happens when people tap their entire wallet instead of pulling out the individual card, to avoid this simply separate your cards

Card systems give benefits for almost every age group, example reduced fares.

Home page
Journey planner is right there as you open the webpage
Could have the oyster log in/sign up easier to see

Evidence of conducting research

interview with the Bairnsdale station Ticket man

Link to quiz


Quantitative data gathered

95% of V/Line users are catching the train with a valid ticket.

In may 2016:
81.7% of short distance trains arrived on time.
91.8% of long distance trains arrived on time.

Survey data
(stats may be out by a couple of percent due to testing on the quiz)

33 people took the online survey with a 76% completion rate.

avg completion time 3:02 minutes

59% of people use the V/line service annually 
 44% of people use V/line for leisure.

26% of people mark V/line punctuality a 10/10
15% of people mark V/line punctuality a 7/10

54% of people said the tickets need more information

64% of people said yes to a card based system

76% of people said they would like to see improved signage at the station

Qualitative data gathered

V/line is Victorias main form of public transport, the user can either pre-book and purchase a ticket or purchase a ticket from the station. V/line paper tickets can get you through a day on the Myki transport systems.

V/line users have stated that they want a card based system but it must operate better than the Myki system.

V/line users prefer booking/purchasing tickets online or at the station

V/line users have stated that the Bairnsdale station could use more and improved signage.

V/line users have said that a tracking app that is similar to that of in-flight tracking on aeroplanes would be a nice addition to the V/line service.

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