Business Planning With Spirit

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“I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” Thomas Edison.

You probably know the story of Thomas Edison, the inventor and businessman. He didn’t design the first lightbulb, but he did create the first commercially viable lightbulb.

You’ll probably be familiar with his quote, “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

That’s persistence; determination and passion for you. Some may have considered it madness at the time, but when you know you’re on to something, never let a couple of setbacks get in your way.

It really does depend how you look at events in your life. When life or your dreams don’t go to plan, do you reflect on what you’ve achieved so far as failure or feedback?

If you see it as failure, you can choose to become more determined to succeed next time, or dejected that you’ve failed again, and eventually, give up.

Fuel yourself with enthusiasm and squeeze any nuggets of wisdom out of situations that don’t go to plan. Revise and get back to it.

Sometimes, the outcome is better than we ever could have anticipated or planned. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

For example, I decided to run a business planning workshop. I asked when would be an ideal date, while looking at my wall planner. My attention was drawn to the 28th January.

Something told me to look up the full and new moon dates.

I’m not ‘big’ on astrology, but I changed my mind when I made enquiries about an EFT training course. I wanted to tap away my suppressed emotions that were creating dis-ease in my body. I rang the training provider and the trainer asked me for my date, time and place of birth.

He then proceeded to share many accurate details about me, including the fact that people think I’m either a genius or a freak. That mentally, I could go from A-Z in a jiffy, and had to repeat myself several times for people to understand my way of thinking. “Yes!” I cried.

He’d done a basic analysis using a system called Human Design and stated that my type was a (mental) Projector. As it was so accurate, months later, I was curious enough to invest in a session with a Human Design analyst. He provided me with my birth chart and a 3 month astrology reading as part of the package.

One day, walking the dogs in the woods, I felt nauseous, as though I had been out on the town drinking. I got back home and was physically sick. Something told me to check the astrology report. The exact time and day when the moon was in retrograde in my 12th house, matched the time I had vomited. I wasn’t sure what I meant, so I contacted the analyst.

He explained the 12th house is about endings (so he never schedules an initial session with a new client) and the 1st house is all about new beginnings. His interpretation was that as the moon came back into my 12th house, my body simply eliminated toxins, ready for new beginnings in the 1st house.

Since then, I’ve taken more notice when people talk about people’s behaviour changing, coinciding with a full moon — instinctively, we know it, but logically dismiss it. If lunar activity affects the oceans, and the likes of Einstein & Professor Hawking write of us being made of the same matter as the Universe, those folk doing moon rituals may be on to something.

Why not give it a try, I thought? If it works, great — I’m all for making life easier. If it doesn’t, then ditch the idea.

The 28th January is a New Moon. My understanding is that New Moons are all about creating and manifesting; Full Moons are about letting go of things we no longer want in our lives.

So, after intuitively receiving information about the content of the workshop, I’m going to be running processes to clear people’s minds and bodies, then we’re going to receive divine inspiration about our soul mission as intuitives, creatives, healers, then we’re going to end by getting our head, heart and gut intelligence all aligned and integrated to take action.

Then I got the idea to plan monthly business meetings for the entire year around the New Moons, so we’re supported by lunar energy. Why not? Struggle isn’t a badge of honour that I want to wear; I’m accepting all the assistance I can get!

So, if you’re highly intuitive and this workshop series resonates with you, you can contact me for further details of dates and times.

Why work with me?
I’m a master healer & clairvoyant coach, trained in various modalities to create powerful mindset shifts & improve health. I’m blessed with being able to see immediately where the cause of people’s problems lie (accessing Akashic Records). That means I can get you “unstuck” in record time. Specialising in business and spirituality, I’ve 18 years business experience blending with the support Spirit offer us.

Here’s what one client recently said about working 1–1 with me:

“I know, without a doubt, that I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the lovely Tricia. Thank you so much Tricia and everyone else in this group for your support. I feel blessed and secure in the knowledge that come the end of April I will no longer work in the City and will be fulfilling my passion, my mission.” Suzie

Another said:

“Tricia went straight to a trauma that only 1 person now 2 knew about! That in itself is incredible… as an energy worker myself, I understand the importance of clearing to be able to move forward but I hadn’t connected my desire to remain safe with my business blocks! That was where the real magic started! And finished with absolute clarity.” Claire
If you want to listen to astrologer Kathy Biehl talking about the New Moon, click on the link below:
“The distance makes it easier to look at connections, networks and people without being so embroiled in dramas. We see more of the big picture and more of the future (at least, more of what’s possible in it).” Kathy Biehl, Astrologer, talking about the Aquarius New Moon.

In the context of business planning — if you haven’t already planned your big goal & targets for 2017 - why wouldn’t you exploit the Aquarius New Moon?

If this ‘sort of thing’ whets your appetite, contact me to go on a list to be notified of future business planning workshops.

To Your Success

Tricia 🙏