The Rise of the Feminine Saviour

I remember the days when people would scoff at the mention of ‘reiki’ and ‘energy’.

Now meridians — the channels through which energy flows — have been scientifically mapped using MRIs and talk of managing one’s energy in the workplace is becoming more mainstream.

I recall, years ago, asking a closet Reiki practitioner how he integrated his energy practice into his website business — he didn’t; he kept that side of him hidden, like some dirty little secret. People wouldn’t understand, and if they did, they’d fail to take him seriously.

After 18 years in business and management, I had a change in career — my true purpose called me, and the more I tried to silence it, the more uncomfortable life became. I started learning alternative therapy techniques to heal myself of the dis-ease the doctors couldn’t ‘cure’ and I stubbornly refused to accept there was no answer as to why now? What was causing the sudden changes in my body? Seeking the answers was the bridge I had to cross to get me to where I was meant to be.

A healer first and foremost — God, I hated that. It felt so… “lightweight” compared to business matters and I certainly wasn’t a tree-hugger. I gave my friends an advanced directive: should they catch me walking barefoot in the woods wearing a flowing emerald green gown, they had my permission to slap some sense into me. I’m still a Lancashire lass at heart, grew up a tomboy and my mates were lads. There was no way I was about to become ‘fluffy’.

A messenger of God — Sigh, the embarrassment and shame I felt. I laughed at the irony as, years back, I’d privately mocked people I referred to as the “God Squad” thinking I was clever, and now I was to join their ranks.

I spent years being a reluctant healer. I’d worked hard to be taken seriously as a young black, female manager, then interpreter, then agency owner, only to find the Universe wanted to wrap a pink feather boa around my neck and soften the “I’ll show them” motivating fire in my belly with — compassion.

There are Shipmans and charlatans in every ‘profession’ and then there are those who work with Divine gifts and energies. Yet, as humans, we fear what we don’t understand. That fear causes people to talk behind closed doors, as though the only way to gain entry to the club is some secret Masonic handshake. People who used to know you get freaked out and distance themselves.

Now is the time we’re being called to step up and speak out.

As hatred and intolerance rear their ugly heads like some insatiable Cerebus, so, too, does the light.

I secretly scoffed at those spiritual Goddesses talking about the rise of the feminine, returning to earth to basically sort us out. Then Mary popped into one of my client sessions — I kid you not; as casual as dipping a Rich Tea biscuit into your too sweet cup of tea, a stained glass depiction appeared in front of me, then I felt her energy to my side. She showed me by her presence and actions that her role is to take babies’ souls home.

Could I explain it? Could I bleep! I needed a reality check and consulted a friend who had been raised in a spiritually open family. She confirmed that she knew other women that were working with the energy of Mother Mary.

I used to try to hide what happened in client sessions, but then the clients would tell their friends. It was like throwing a dustsheet over an elephant plonked in the middle of a Monty Python sketch. Best to just acknowledge the elephant in the room, and accept it will alienate some and attract others.

I mean, when you get poked in the arm by an invisible force during a client session, which causes you to yelp out loud, but it ends up being the root cause of the issue you’re trying to solve, you’ve got to love the assistance, even if you wish they were more tactful in their delivery!

Why am I sharing this now? Frankly, the aspirations of the likes of Elon Musk & the President spur me into taking action and sharing more of my truth.

While the men are signing executive orders that will strip Mother Earth and her inhabitants of what is rightfully hers, and creating cyborg humans implanting devices into the human brain, divine feminine energies are stepping up and in to sort these boys with their toys out.

Keep your eyes peeled; things are about to become interesting.

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