X-Rays are a risk to your Thyroid

I received a message on Facebook today.

A message from somebody who doesn’t normally contact me.

She was being helpful.

Explaining that she’d seen an item on the Dr Oz show stating that thyroid cancer is the fastest growing cancer in women.

She said he mentioned that the increase could possibly be related to the use of dental x-rays and mammograms. Apparently, there is the equivalent of PPE for the thyroid — a guard for use during mammograms, or a protective flaps on dental aprons to wrap around your neck.

I thanked her in my reply and said I appreciated her informing me, but I had a different perspective about what causes biological changes to the thyroid.

We know in META-Health, when analysing the cause of dis-ease, that the thyroid is about powerlessness and helplessness. Why is it that it’s the fastest growing cancer in WOMEN?

Women in relationships where domestic violence is a factor. They feel powerless and helpless.

She may feel powerless or helpless if her child is ill in hospital. Her perception of a significant event in her life is the stress trigger that her body is reacting to.

How many women are feeling empowered given the political climate?

A president, who allegedly has numerous sexual assault allegations against him, and was caught boasting about grabbing, kissing, and trying to have sex with women;

That president is reducing a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body.

Banning federal money going to international groups who perform or provide information on abortions.

That was in the first 2 weeks of taking up office. While some women may feel empowered by taking direct action and protesting, some women will be feeling disempowered and helpless. They may be projecting, wondering what ‘could’ happen in a 4 year presidential term. Would her right to choose be taken away, too?

Yes, of course, it makes sense to use protective equipment like xray aprons and guards to minimise exposure to radiation during x-rays. But I suspect it’s taking two factors — thyroid cancer and xrays and creating a causal link.

While they may co-exist in individuals, if you took a person’s history, or listened to their language, you might find hidden clues about whether they felt empowered or that situations happened to them.

The only way we can truly know the root cause of the rise in thyroid cancer in women is to talk to them. It is an individual’s unique perception of what’s happening in their life that is causing their body to change. While the theme of a lack of power is generic, the significant events are specific to each and every one of us.

Even if I wasn’t trained as a META-Health Practitioner, I’d still be asking why is it that only the thyroid that’s affected? Why not the tonsils or other organ tissue located near the thyroid?

The root cause of many medical conditions remain unknown to medics practicing traditional medicine, and while it’s helpful to suggest what could possibly be the reason for certain health conditions, in META-Health we KNOW.

Once we identify the thoughts and feelings creating biological changes in our bodies, and update them, we can support our body to adapt and heal again.

Tricia Mitchell is not medically trained and is not qualified to give medical advice. If you have any medical problems, seeking the advice of a medically trained practitioner is recommended.

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