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Dreams of pink and green

This is how I talk to Goddess

A garden
A cottage
I’ll paint it red
In every dream I had the cottage was red
I’ll have a lot of flowers
I want a bread oven outside
I want to bake bread in the winter, while I drink warm coffee

A room with a lot of books and music
Paintings done with no particular thought in mind
Just colors
I want simple fabrics
I want lose clothing and boots to walk in nature
I want to smell the rain and be in silence

I sleep on the floor, a simple mattress and blankets
I have mismatched coffee and tea mugs
My kitchen reminds me of my grandma's kitchen

I hear children playing outside

I want that wooden sauna
And a shower or bathtub outside.
Or both
Very simple
All very simple and natural
I don’t want anything there that doesn’t need to be there

He needs to be there, the community too

In the summer we go walk near the river and bathe
Oh god, I hope we still have a river to bathe in, like we did when we were kids
I would pick up berries and those were the happiest moments
I hope our children get to feel that free
I can’t understand how we got here, how we denied the same nature that sustains us

In my dreams I see pink skies and green lands