We assume men will succeed at a job, even if their background suggests they need to learn some of the tasks, whereas we are concerned women may not succeed unless they’ve done the job before.
How Meetup Ditched Its Boys Club
Jessi Hempel

incorrect. When those who judge are professionals in the field, they have the ability to recognize and estimate if said specific candidate is able to learn those tasks they don't know yet.

When those who judge, on the other hand, are personalists, or in general anyone who doesn't really know anything about the position/area, they go for the safe bet and assume that if candidate doesn't know EVERYTHING included in the position already, he won't be a good fit.

That's my experience.

And… funny thing… I've never met a male personalist in my life, ever, all of them were women.

I wonder why…
(rhetorical question)

Also, where's the feminist strive for equality (of result, not opportunity, obviously) in this case?

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