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I got this question asked on one of the sites I freaquently write on. I thought I would share my thoughts on it here because the world needs to hear more things like this to scale how big the real issues are.
The sad part my answer was last and the answers explaing middle class or higher were picked as better and more informative answers. Now I know it’s just a bot that picks which answers are the best, it’s just that the programming has become prejudice with class as well, sad .

What class or income should a person have before employing a house keeper?


Class and monthly budget will never matter. The only budget you should care about is if you can afford it.

Housekeepers won't care what your race, creed, or marital status is, or if you’re disabled. To us your toilets are all the same.

I have cleaned million dollar mansions and the Olympic oval for the Vancouver games, and I've been in quite a few celebrity homes.

I have seen the cleanest homes, the super organized and the Martha Stewart of homes.

I've cleaned hoarder homes, homes of people that have had compulsions, and some with kids.

I've cleaned floods caused by the worst sewage leak you could bear witness to. I’ve cleaned a thousand fires and cleaned off equipment to prove it was a fraud just so the next person could afford to have me clean, the worst day of thier life.

I've helped a senior with Alzheimers pack her home up for the last time thanks to a fire, only to find out she was a famous fashion designer. I've had cheap cake on the finest China around a table with four people from four different walks of life and that night we all celebrated that lady’s return home. We shared a moment so genuine it made the world silent so you could hear God's lesson, loud and clear.

I've cleaned for the poor, the rich and the homless. I've cleaned a family's room where they sit on vigil holding the hand of someone they don't ever want to let go of but cancer got them and it was Christmas Eve.

I've worked 24 hours in a row to get a family with kids home. I've cleaned for people that just needed someone to finally just hear them and not judge.

I've made lifelong friends, been an honorary family member and made new connections that will impact us both forever.

I've cleaned dust, rust, vomit, blood, tears, forgotten lives, and lives that were just no longer here.

My friend, we are all the same. There is no class and need to think anything else other than you don't have the skills to clean. I am and I have a housekeeper. I have no money saved and live paycheck to paycheck. Last night I gave my last 20 dollars away to a couple sleeping outside of the church.

We are all of this earth and we all return to this earth.

Hire a housekeeper. Change your life.

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