Midnightwriters guide to the galaxy

Ok this is a total rip off . Now calm down and look Doughnuts!

Now for the reason I’m jumping up into your life today. I’m going to talk about me ! Here’s hoping you can take something from it and be the best whatever it is you are.

It has been a funny couple of months. Three months ago I started on my journey to be the beautiful creative and awsome person Iam. I also promised myself I’d say something nice about myself for a change.

It’s been hard and there are never enough hours in a day. When I find something my brain likes that’s it I’m like a learning zombie. I wish I could sleep learn but be aware of what I was learning hmmmm.

I forgot how much I love to think too . I swear ask me to solve a problem and the smell of tires on fire begins to linger like a bad perfume . I also know I’m dense that’s the best part.

Now I’m not rich yet I’m still eating Ramon noodles and black tea for most of my meals but this month it tastes that much better. I’m lying that stuff is crap eat an apple if you have the choice.

I have however stepped out of my comfort zone every day just 1% a day so I heard a wise man oh whatever name dropping is fine lol James Altucher always says 1% better a day. I have to confess he’s right.

I have a world of potential lurking inside of me and so does everyone eles . The hard part is choosing to accept you are worth more. You will always be your worst enemy and I’m a tough woman let me tell you. I’m also dumb because I keep getting back up and asking for more.

Music on check

Tea check

Pens, crayons (oh yes) check

More music check

Guitars and amps on check

Little square device that holds the whole world in it check

Ideas to save the world check

robotic heart problem check

Cats check

Ambition unstoppable