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I have a question for you… if all companies and government raised the minimum wage or just raised wages across the board on all entry level positions, who would pay for it? the company? or the consumer? the way I see it, if you choose the company you are going to put a ton of small business owners OUT OF BUSINESS! the larger companies could absorb some of the increased wages cutting into they’re profit but then that will slow economic growth. companies are less likely to expand if their profits are hacked or trending downward.

If you choose the “consumer” to absorb the cost, well then hope you like paying $20 for a Big Mack. or $20 1 way on BART into the city. I think you get the point.

At the end of the day, I agree wages should be more equal to cost of living. But, this woman could’ve handled it so many different ways that would’ve been more productive. she has every right to make her CEO and people aware of the situation, but. not if she’s going to throw a tantrum like a school girl. I worked in the Bay Area. for 5 years and made $9 per hour. I had 3 roommates in a 2 bedroom flat. I loved it. because it was the birth of my career and I loved what I did. I sacrificed certain luxuries like her dining out and $30 bottles of bourbon for pbr and pb&j sandwiches.

today I am at the top of my profession. I look back on those days in the bay, and I miss them…..I have a sense of accomplishment because I took the challenge and rose above it. I didn’t ask for a handout then, and I never will. Sure I asked for help and guidance here and there. In the end…. we all needed a little help getting THERE, at sometime in our lives.

I can’t decide if I’m angry or just sad by her original post. Clearly I have strong emotions on the topic. lol

The trouble today is that every 18–25 yr old has this self entitlement. that they “deserve” something just because they are present. having humility and being humble are hard to come by these days. unless your taking to your parents or grandparents.

I guess my biggest issue is just how she decided to handle the situation. She was angry, clearly. Nothing good ever comes from doing something while your angry. You typically hurt yourself or the ones you care about.

Off the soap box I go


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