The Slow Birth REvolution

Every day for the past 15 years I participate in deep and meaningful conversations with women, many who are mothers, about our collective and personal healing, births, babies, and all things mothering. What is clear to me is we are all part of the Slow Birth REvolution, whether we know it or not.

What is the Slow Birth REvolution? It’s a global movement to take birth back into the hands of women and families. The movement is deeply personal to each woman and her family yet there are many core components that we share. In no particular order, the Slow Birth REvolution:

Places the mother as the authority of her own life experience, including her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
Believes that women’s bodies are designed well and most of the time can carry out all aspects of our physiologies, including our ability to conceive, carry, birth, and nourish our children.
Believes that women deserve information that is accurate, not fear based, that looks at all possibilities, not just what the provider prefers at the time of their care.
Honors families as sacred and does not rush the process, regardless of what it might look like on the outside.
Offers medical assistance as needed, including access to hospitals, emergency care, anaesthesia, and cesarean birth.
Does not meddle with women’s process without a true need. No, needing to “know,” unless it comes from the mother/family, is not a necessity.
The provider (midwife, doula, birth attendant, nurse, doctor, etc) understands how natural birth works and facilitates this process whenever possible.
The provider understands that we all carry energy and that stress, anger, violence (including using words that are hurtful) affect mother-baby.
Believes babies belong with their mothers and keeps them as a unit, even in emergency situations, the O.R. or during a difficult birth. Even preemie babies recover better when they are worn and snuggled by their mamas and daddies.

If you believe in women and babies, if you believe in the sanctity of family, if you are called to witness miracles, this movement is for you. It’s not about doing any one thing, necessarily, but allowing what needs to happen to unfold.

The Slow Birth REvolution will not be televised. It will be the people’s movement, using social media, stories, art, open ended communication, world travel and best practices. It evolves as we evolve.

We are loosing the art of giving birth slowly, without pressure from technology or chemicals. Yet we are more capable than we were ever given credit, more human than any beeping machine, humbled to serve, here to persevere and persist.

The Slow Birth REvolution needs more birth warriors to stand up for families, hold space, and be part of each community spanning the globe.

Being born matters, not just for one day, it matters for eternity.

Mothers deserve dignity and grace, paid time off to breastfeed, rest, and be with their newborns, and unconditional love.

Families deserve quality perinatal care spanning their whole lifetime.

If you feel called, join us. If not, step aside!

About the Author: Midwife Monika Rosicka, LM, CPM, practices small scale rural midwifery in N CA, mothers mothers and her own daughter, and mentors future midwives in the new paradigm of birth. Visit: for more info and to connect or schedule a consultation.