Millions of Americans are still without health insurance.
Austin Michaels

Also, just to further illustrate how ignorant and callous you sound:

“Having an income tax instead of a sales tax is kayfabe.” — You.
“Not having stand your ground laws is kayfabe.” — You.
“Transgender people being able to use bathrooms and having protection from discrimination is kayfabe.” — You.
“Abortion rights are kayfabe.” — Austin Michaels.
“Not abolishing healthcare is kayfabe.”
“Environmental regulation is kayfabe.”
“The differences between, say, Hawaii and Texas are kayfabe.”

Glad to know that all the reasons that friends of mine are oppressed, depressed etc due to living in red states, or relieved that they were able to move to blue states, is just fake. Thank you for enlightening them that their suffering is fake.

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