Millions of Americans are still without health insurance.
Austin Michaels

I’m well aware of those things; my sister is one of those people without healthcare and I don’t need you to remind me of how terrifying it is to be transgender in this country. I’m also well aware that when it comes to imperialism, spying, and whistleblowers, that the democrats are basically the same as republicans.

However, you are still privileged or blissfully unaware if you really think that a congress+executive+judiciary controlled by democrats would be anywhere near as terrifying to the poor, lgbt, women, black people, etc as one controlled completely by republicans.

Obamacare is shit compared to something like single payer healthcare, but it still means that millions of people, including people I personally fear for, get health care when they otherwise wouldn’t.

The democrats haven’t been able to do enough for transgender people, but acting like the difference between the things they pass/attempt are insignificant compared to what republicans want to do just tells me you don’t have any transgender friends, or you don’t listen to their daily worries and fears.

I noticed you completely ignored global warming and the environment. That’s cute.

Ultimately, the democrats are centrists and the republicans are far right wing. We can both agree that those are both way worse than what a real leftist part would be, but if you’re going to act like centrists and far right are just as bad as each other, all you’re doing is showing how you don’t have friends who fear for their lives and happiness under republican policy. Voting rights, climate change, health care, abortion, deregulation, regressive taxing, race- all these things are obviously in way worse hands under republican government than democratic ones, but I guess that doesn’t matter if you haven’t been paying attention for decades and don’t listen to the daily fears of others.

Instead, all you can do is put out some loose equivalence of “uhh hillary talked to capitalists so republican and democratic behaviors towards capitalism have no significant difference in human suffering”, which I’m sure is a very comforting illusion to the people in red states who can see the difference between republican and democratic policies every day by looking at policies blue states. But I guess paying attention to evidence is like paying attention to people’s worries for you- why bother? Who needs an informed journalist when you can just throw out some unsubstantiated conjecture and ignore people’s suffering to make yourself feel superior to all the people who are worrying and trying their god damn hardest?

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