There’s a paragraph where I describe the differences between the two parties, actually.
Austin Michaels

The fact that you think things like the poor actually getting healthcare, transgender people actually having legal protections, not going into a massive tailspin of deregulation and other capitalism-worshipping nonsense, trying to do something about global warming, etc are “insignificant” just shows:

A)How much you pay attention. 
B)How much you give a shit about people who are actually threatened by the severe differences between republican and democratic policy.

Do I wish democrats were way, way more leftist and had a spine? Yes. Am I uninformed and unemphatic enough to act like they’re not leagues better than Republicans? Of course not. We have a government now controlled by a party who wants to destroy safety nets, let capitalism run amuck as much as possible, and oppress minorities, and you’re still acting like the differences aren’t a big deal? People are going to suffer immensely because of this shift in power and it is just “superficial”?

Go ahead and continue your splinter group shit. The rest of us will try to protect our friends from this shit instead of passing around false equivalences to make yourself feel comfortable with disengaging from reality.

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