betahaus, the Bustling Home of Mighty Labs

Every 20 minutes, a new startup is born in Berlin. The city now outranks London in investing in its entrepreneurs. And since 2009, a dynamic co-working community has grown into the beating heart of this city’s entrepreneurship scene: the betahaus, Mighty Labs’ home.

The betahaus began as a co-working space in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg district. Today, we have become Germany’s premier entrepreneurship ecosystem. For years, entrepreneurs have come through our space and moved on to set up successful businesses.

In our 5000 sqm space in Berlin, we host 500 of the most talented entrepreneurs in Europe, offering over a 1000 events a year, from geek meet-ups, to expert salons, to 3D printing workshops.

We are so excited to welcome you to Berlin this year and share with us our incredible co-working space, community and networks.

Apply now with your own funding or our limited scholarships. Application Deadline: September 1 2016 at