How Your Applications Are Assessed

Applications to Mighty Labs have started rolling in and we wanted to give you a little insight into how we assess them:

We have a rigorous application process, assessing both the quality of the idea and the people that are developing it. We look at:

  1. Matching of eligibility criteria (
  2. Strength/Skills of the Team or Individual Applicant
  3. Quality of the pitch deck
  4. Quality of the video
  5. Novelty of your idea
  6. Level of English


To help you along, here are a few tips to make your application successful:

  • Show us that you care — Put thought into your application, be detail-oriented and have crisp application assets.
  • Tell us more — Write more than a single word or single sentence. Be descriptive and clear.
  • Make the video about you, not the product — We’re more interested in you and your team than your product.
  • Get in early — If you want us to spend more time on your application, get in early.

We can tell very quickly if you’re sloppy with your application, and will assume your participation in the training will be sloppy too. So take the time to put thought, care, and quality into your application and you’ll dramatically increase your chances.

Apply now with your own funding or our limited scholarships — Application Deadline: September 1
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