A Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Fit

Too many times in my life have I’ve heard “you just need to get into a routine” in regards to working out. Routine’s have never really been my thing. I often find myself at my best when I’m finishing an essay exactly 49 seconds before the deadline when it was assigned two weeks prior. Over time, however, I’ve learned that you really can’t apply the tried and true philosophy of procrastination to a fitness routine. It just doesn’t work. The biggest step (and often the hardest) is breaking that first seal of getting into the gym. For me, working out wasn’t the intimidating part — people being able to see me work out made me a nervous. My tip here would be to do your homework prior to — set a target goal for yourself, and utilize the information superhighway accessible to us all, to your advantage. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to YouTube a workout move or routine because I had no idea what I was doing. With the internet, we all essentially have access to an untapped gold mine of fitness guru’s, workout routines, plans, guides, healthy recipes, etc. The trick is to USE it! Even if you don’t know anyone who works out at all, there isn’t really an excuse for not knowing how or where to start. You just have to go — and once you do, keep going. I try to think of going to the gym as going to a class with required attendance. There are times (a lot of them) when you don’t want to at all, but you know you have to. And after awhile, you start feeling really good about yourself afterwards. This was the biggest reward for me: no guilt, no feeling bad, no procrastinating anymore. Just… do it.

(No need to thank me, Nike.)

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