‘Facebook turned me down’ — the job rejection letter that turned into a $4 billion check
Marc Cenedella

Believe you are guided. Believe that if some door seemingly shut on you, you were not thrown out or rejected. Put simply, you were not supposed to do that. Because you are supposed to do greater things. So I humbly suggest:

✨Gratitude, that’s the Attitude✨

I believe that’s what was in Brian’s Heart when he was what others would consider “rejected”, “turned down” and so forth. And so the Universe responded in kind, with Grace.

Gratitude > Grace > Caritas > Generosity > Abundance <=> Love

People are (seemingly) evil to you? Be grateful, for Grace is the energy that solves things and keeps the wheels of the Universe spinning, giving you what is right for you.

Brian just had to do what he Loved doing. So FB told him “do it by yourself and you’ll do great(er)”.

Thank you FB. Thank you Brian. Thank you, Marc. Thank you, reader. Grateful ✨🌟💛🌟✨