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Dear Tim, I wrote some twits for you. Here’s a slightly improved version, quick reading:

Besides Time Warner Inc., Apple should also buy Opel-Vauxhall @tim_cook:

General Motors mulls sale of Vauxhall & Opel http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/02/14/general-motors-talks-sell-vauxhall-opel-marques-peugeot/

Apple may already be trying to indirectly do this by having friendly AT&T buy TWI. However @tim_cook should instead invest heavily in creating (cont.)

@tim_cook (cont.) creating management teams to run these companies + other purchases. Opel will probably move to 100% electric. This is a no brainer (cont.)

@tim_cook would oversee the management teams in full Apple ecosystem sinergy. Opel & Apple even sound similar! What is cost of not doing this, Tim?

@tim_cook that’s the question. When pondering investment risk, what is the risk of staying still and not ruling the game? Look at AppleTV fail for answers (a business that needs to revolutionize the living room and, instead, is just an expensive gadget)

@tim_cook AppleTV fail is lack of content deals? Not so, it’s having no power over content creation and mkt. Seriously how many decades will (cont.)

@tim_cook how many decades will it take for Apple to have significant content creation that will compel people to join Apple ecosystem if ever?

Apple has come from typeface passionate Steve, always focused on placing colorful, design, full-bodied, rich, empowering things in people’s hands. Imagine how would Apple’s products fare when empowered by movies, TV series/channels that are today being negated and basically blocking change? Wouldn’t someone buy a more expensive iPad if that meant they could watch specific (ip)TV series/movies/content for free or cheaper?

Look at Tesla. They saw fit to fill the roads with power stations. Brilliant move. Because the roads are already there. And the scenery to drive through. That was a powerful move. And costly. Risky. But may also prove profitable as they design shingle based sun panels and family owned home self-sufficiency power stations, etc.

Now TV doesn’t have any roads, it’s just blocked. In powerlessness. The same powerlessness is also blocking the iPad — what do people use it for after all? Wouldn’t they buy more iPads if they could use them as movie screens? The iPad would perhaps become the newest iPod, people would immerse themselves in them. But where’s the content? Wouldn’t having such abundance of content tilt the scale, wouldn’t  doing for movies what it did to music and books give it the required leverage and momentum?

@tim_cook Inc is NOT an iPhone biz. What  does is revolutionize industries, people’s lives, the world.

 is in that business and needs to stay and rule that business. For its own sake, for the world, for you and I. It needs to grow into adulthood and plant its feet well in the ground.

Which takes me to this:

PS: not smart $ repatriation. Inc is a global biz. Then be truly global. Opel-Vauxhall is European => fantastic!

PPS: start searching for a place to build another  spaceship in. Always good to have two HQ, even 3, cos who knows what’s going to happen? Why not India? You get the drift.

(Type got bigger from writing the email first in iPhone Notes. It does that. And I can’t change type size!)

Thank you for reading. Wishing you all a great 2017!

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