7 Reasons to Live, Retire or Invest in Medellín, Colombia’s ‘City of Eternal Spring’

If you still don’t know why Medellín, in Colombia, may be your dream destination to live, work, retire or invest in, then you’re about to learn why you shouldn’t miss it and how you can get into this opportunity while it’s still cheap.

Medellín in Colombia

1. Great weather all year round

Forget the cold or extreme heat. They don’t call Medellín the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ by accident. Colombia’s second most important city of 3.8 million inhabitants has a Spring-like weather all year round, with an average temperature ranging from 60 to 86 F. That means you’ll never be too hot or too cold, and you’ll save a ton of money because you won’t need air conditioned or heaters. Also, due to the altitude, you won’t be bugged by bugs. How great is that?

2. Paisas really care about their city

Unlike what happens in gigantic Bogotá, Medellín inhabitants (called ‘Paisas’) really love their city, and are proud of it. That means they keep it clean and well cared for. In Medellín people are both friendly and polite, and they strive to keep Medellín evolving as a clean, well-organized and culturally rich city. Plus, Medellín has very good infrastructure, from roads and utilities to high speed Internet connection. All that you need, no doubt.

3. Great health services

Medellín has 8 of the 42 best hospitals and clinics in Latin America. There is a rising medical tourism activity in the city, both due to the quality of the services and care, and its affordability. Currently, health insurance in Medellín costs 1/5 of what you’d pay in the US. That’s what a discount with quality is all about.

4. Top education standards and a thriving cultural life

Medellín is a city of education, innovation and culture. Home of Botero, one of Colombia’s most prominent artists, Medellín doesn’t hesitate in showing how artistic Paisas are. The city has 32 universities, an excellent library system, very interesting museums, amazing parks and a varied cultural offer to make any culturally demanding European or American individual feel happy with what the city has to offer. That’s why tourism in the city is rising very fast — up 35% in the last three years.

5. Affordable cost of living for a very high quality of life

Medellín is an extremely affordable city for anyone to live in. A bus fare is only 40 cents, a taxi ride would hardly cost more than $5.00, and there’s an efficient metro network that’s very affordable as well. The quality of the water and of the food is truly excellent, and as affordable as everything else. The average rent price for a very high-end apartment with great views is about $500 to $600. You can live like a king or a queen in Medellín for less than $2,000 a month — try that in the US or in Europe!

6. Safer than many cities in the US

The days of crime-ridden Medellín are long gone. Drug cartels were pushed away after the war against Pablo Escobar and the Medellín drug cartel, and what happened in the past would seem like fiction to you, once you visit Medellín. Nowadays, this is a city with fairly low crime rates — lower than many major US cities — so you can feel safe enjoying the best that the city has to offer.

7. Absurdly undervalued

You know that, in life, you’ll do well if you buy low and sell high, right? Well, right now, in Medellín, you can enjoy the benefits of a beaten down Colombian Peso (down 50% against the US Dollar in the last year and a half), and of the stubbornly persistent — and entirely wrong — perception that most people still have of Medellín and Colombia. That means that, for well under $100,000, you can buy a very high-end apartment in the best places in the city, and see it appreciating remarkably over the coming years, as you generate solid income from it (easily with an 8% yield).

If you’d like to take advantage of all that Medellín has to offer, whether by moving to the city for retirement or professional reasons, or to invest here, please get in touch with me.

I’d be happy to offer you a full range of property buying or rental assistance, relocation and investment support services — bilingual, understanding your background, knowledgeable of the local market and reality, and with an uncompromising dedication to helping you meet your needs in goals as you explore Colombia’s ‘City of the Eternal Spring’.