11 principles to build MLM business by Dexter Yager

There are a lot of people who achieved incredible success in MLM and for me one of the best ones is Dexter Yager.


Well, I don’t know everything about MLM but what I know is that Dexter Yager was one of the first who did something that became a model for thousands of subsequent leaders in this industry.

I’m talking about training and promotion system.

You see, when we talk about MLM or — if you wish — Network Marketing, it’s not only about promoting products.

It’s about developing skills of communication and sales, and changing the way of thinking.

System created by Dexter Yager was based on tapes, books and events.

Now take a look what we use today.

Webinars, audios, videos, books and events. Sound familiar, right?

I’m not saying that Dexter Yager was the only one who created that kind of system but I know that he was one of the first who did it and I had a pleasure to know him personally when I was very young and these are the evidences…

Well, let’s say that I’m not visible in this photo ;-)

I’m here with my father, brother and Network Marketing multimillionaire from Northern Ireland — Dave Mccune

Dave Mccune with Dexter Yager

Dexter Yager on stage

Why 11 principles to build MLM business by Dexter Yager?

You can ask right now why I decided to share his principles and my answer is pretty simple:

Because these principles work and helped him create one of the biggest Network Marketing business throughout history.

Here’s evidence:

According to https://www.businessforhome.org/ Dexter Yager is #3 on top earners list in the whole industry:

I believe that Dexter Yager’s principles can help every single person who wants to create successful Network Marketing business and regardless of what kind of company this person work with so without further ado let’s find out what are…

11 principles to build MLM business by Dexter Yager

*IMPORTANT: This is my interpretation of these rules.

#1. LOYALTY — you can’t turn away from the people, regardless of whether they are new partners or not. Be loyal to all.

This doesn’t mean that you should want success more for your partners than they want it for themselves. But don’t judge anyone too hastily and do all you can to help everyone as best you can at the moment.

#2. THE ABILITY TO MAKE SACRIFICES — if you think about being a leader (only leaders build big businesses) you can’t be a person who invents excuses and looking for excuses for failures.

Defeats will take place but you, as someone important to your partners, you have to be ready and aware that you are responsible to deal with problems that may stand in your way. Every problem and obstacle is primarily the ability to learn the next lesson, thanks to which you won’t make the same mistakes in the future and this also allows you to become better leader.

#3. RESPECT FOR LEADERS — each leader works primarily for you and not you for him. This isn’t full-time job but partnership in business, where people who know and can do more teach you thanks to which you can become a leader.


#4. TRUST — lets be honest. Without this element there is no business. If you don’t trust your leader (leaders), then that cooperation will be torture. The second issue is that when people don’t believe the leader (eg. you) then they won’t want to join you and even if that happens, they’ll soon “escape” from you.

You need to work for confidence to you and you can make mistakes along the way but gaining the trust without trying to manipulate other people is key element on the way to success in this business.

#5. PERSEVERANCE — if you made a decision to build this business then you need to be aware that it will take you to “some” time and this time depends on how much work and efforts you will put in it.

Success isn’t a coincidence. In addition, each of us must pay for it in advance and not after it’s reached. Therefore perseverance in the pursuit to achieve goals is essential and necessary.

If you think that you can achieve great results in Network Marketing in a week or month then think about it again. You need “some” time and perseverance.

#6. ATTITUDE — it’s closely and inseparably connected with the Law of Attraction. I don’t know how you approach this law but you have to remember one thing: this is the law and there is no such possibility that it doesn’t work or work differently for you. It’s not possible.

So if you focus on the people who judge you and try to convince you that you won’t build this business then you will begin to believe it. But if you understand that everything depends on the quality of your mindset you will choose correct thoughts and you will attract to your life people and circumstances that will help you build this business.

That is why your attitude and the right mindset are so important. None entrepreneur didn’t reach success playing down these issues. It doesn’t matter in what situation you are today because you can change everything when you change quality of your thoughts because everything begins from them.

#7. SYSTEM — take a look and analyze companies and entrepreneurs who are very successful.

They all have a system, and if it’s not a system created by them they use a system which was created by someone else. If you don’t have a system then there is a huge chance that you will find yourself in a group of over 90% of the people
 who struggle in this business.

Yes, building that kind of system takes time but it’s always better to build it than taking accidental actions.

On the other side, you can save your time if decide something that is already created and about that kind of system you can learn more here.

#8. HONESTY — next to the trust, there must be honesty, if you think about long-term success and loyal partners. It works both ways. Of course it can happen that by not being honest to the end, you will start achieve more and better results and better and better income.

But the truth is that this will be (if it will happen) short-term “success” and sooner or later people will realize that they are not adequately treated by you. This business (like any other) is created by people and without them the greatest MLM company or the most wonderful products in the world are … NOTHING.

That’s why you have to be honest with yourself and people you work with. In the sales process (which we all do, regardless of the industry in which we build business) honesty gives you the greatest profits.

#9. CROSSLINING — this concept means to not to consult with the people who build business with the same MLM company as you but in another structure.

Certainly this is’tt worth doing. We aren’t talking about a situation where, for example you work on yourself and you buy a book written by recognized authority in the field of MLM. This principle applies to a situation in which you work already with a specific company but you don’t consult anything with your sponsor(s) but with people who don’t work in your upline.

Yes, it often happens that sponsors don’t talk at all or almost at all with their partners. In this situation you have to contact with someone in your upline and establish a plan of action with him or her.

#10. PROMOTION — you have no other choice. You need to promote yourself and your business.

You have to understand that network marketing is still … marketing and building this business is about showing this business to people who are potentially interested in it.

Promoting this business is about attracting the right people and showing them this opportunity in the right way and you can do it today thanks to offline or online methods.

#11. STRATEGY — without a plan of action and a suitable system, you will struggle. And it doesn’t matter what MLM company you work with.


What is important is, whether YOU have a plan and a system by which you act. If not, start creating it. It may sound trite but without a specific purpose and the steps leading to it, you won’t have much enthusiasm and willingness to act. The best motivation are dreams and goals that you want to achieve in this business and thanks to it.

That’s it. Now you know 11 principles that helped Dexter Yager achieved big success in Network Marketing and now the choice is on your side because only you can decide if you will build your business according to them or not and I know that you’ll choose wisely.

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