I’d still buy an iPhone, even though Apple hasn’t changed the world yet

“…but Samsung did this way back when!” and “Microsoft did this so much better last year”

There’s a constant source of in-your-face reasoning when you’re dealing with people who fancy themselves as realists. People who enjoy antagonizing Apple for being deceptively good at marketing and not so great with innovation.

Fact of the matter is, Apple stopped being “magic” a little while before Steve Jobs passed away. However, by that time, it had already established itself as a provider of experiences, less so of cutting-edge technology. In a time and age where people rip straight through packaging in order to get their hands on their state of the art gadget, the Cupertino gang still manage to recreate the joy of opening a present — over and over and over again.

I’m not expecting Apple to end world hunger, send spacecrafts throughout the galaxy and, frankly, I’m not even expecting them to deliver the best battery for their handheld devices.

Neither should you.

While it may sound silly to some given the high retail prices, you need to keep one thing in mind: you’re not really paying for a piece of tech as much as you’re renewing a membership to an exclusive experience. Each year you come back for more, and each year the jokes and knocks on Apple’s quality and features get older and older.

There’s more ways than one to develop a cult following and no one knows this better than Apple. Give the people a smartphone ahead of its time and they’ll forget all about it the next year. Give them continuity, a friendly experience that they can remember and they’ll love you forever.

Some of us just like the eye candy and the experience. Which is why we keep coming back.