This is Why Blockchain Will Make You Enjoy Life Better

It’s not a secret that for the last ten years there were dramatic changes in our world and our lives. Now everybody has an iPhone and can’t imagine a day without wi-fi. So we wake up, make coffee, open Safari to read some news and see some article about Blockchain and Bitcoin and… and the question is: What the thing is this?! As for me, I was always ignoring all these complicated phrases hoping I will never face this phenomenon. However, one day you realize suddenly that this is 2017, every day scientists are making new discoveries, new systems are being developed, a large number of books and articles are being written, so you just have to learn something new every day. That is why I started to read all these complicated articles and this was interesting, actually.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that you can use to buy things electronically or to trade digitally. It was created in 2009 and unlike dollars or Euros Bitcoins aren’t printed, they exist electronically and work on Blockchain system. The Blockchain is the instrument that helps to save your transaction data. What is more, it is a decentralized system that makes transaction process more transparent and safe. Transactions on Blockchain system are controlled by a number of powerful computers and smart-contracts. It is almost impossible to hack the system because all the transactions have a cost and attacking (for example ‘DDOS’) requires big expenses and unprofitable for hackers. Moreover, all transactions on Blockchain systems are encrypted with very sophisticated and complicated code and decoding demands large energy recourses.

What should I do with all this information, you ask. I know, it seems to be so useless for an average smartphone and laptop user. You will be surprised, but Blockchain can change normal routine of each person who lives on this planet. As an example, 30 billion event-industry, that spends too much money and energy on marketing. Promotion, taxes, third parties that request high commission hinders developing a profitable business. On the one hand, large investments are always involved when you start your own business. It is clear that each entrepreneur has to be ready to spend some money to earn some more.

On the other hand, when there is an opportunity to save some money and to free up time for more significant and catching work you just take it. Blockchain helps to make your work transparent and safe, your data is protected and all the actions in the system can be tracked. Also, when a customer buys a ticket with a credit card he has to pay extra money for commissions to third parties such as banks. The Blockchain system will allow costumers to save money what will make your business more attractive compared to the competition. Moreover, Blockchain completely excludes ticket speculation and favors your reputation. Recently, I found out that KickCity — social event platform, launches their own tokens based on Ethereum platform. For sure, today such companies are unique phenomenon but that will allow Blockchain to root in our everyday life to make it better.

What I would like to tell you — in spite of the fact that Bitcoin and Blockchain system seems to be complicated for an average user, it really has a great future. All the technologies such as Internet or smartphones that make our lives safer and easier were incomprehensible and were on concern. We just need some time to get used for something new. In my opinion, the more we learn, the more we try the more experienced and open-minded we become. So let’s give a chance to Blockchain to improve our lives and make it easier and more comfortable.