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Create more than you consume 

But it’s how you consume that’s vital to creative inspiration

A few nights ago, I did something for the first time in my life.

Why I didn’t look at your resume

I’m frustrated.

I’ve worked in the online industry for seven years and as a founder for the last three, where I’ve been responsible for…

How side projects saved our startup

We had no money.

We changed our business model and had 3 months worth of cash left to turn things around. If we didn’t we were toast…

Start with problems, not solutions

A product in search of a problem.

[UPDATE 1]: Start with problems, not solutions

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Coffee Shop Unicorns

Good Coffee. Good Wi-Fi. And Plugs.

The impossible combination.

We traveled plenty this past year for Crew, hitting many major…

We’re building Crew in public

The path to a good product is never pretty.

There are many things that are unclear when you set out to make an idea become something real. No…

We’re hiring an Editor

When we started Crew a little over a year ago, we didn’t know the impact writing would have.

For the first few months of our company’s life, sharing stories was the thing that kept us alive. We experimented with Medium in it’s early days and built an audience. We wrote weekly and grew our blog from zero to thousands of readers in months.

Growing up with Medium

About a year ago, the water system in Montreal broke.

I expected this to be nothing more than a nuisance but it turned out to be a defining moment…

Why I killed my standing desk

I was in.

I always wanted a standing desk. I heard the benefits. And read the studies.

We’re changing our name

Help us choose a new one

“What’s the name of your company?”, one of my friends would ask.

I’d say, “ooomf.”

They’d say, “Cool! How do you spell that? o-o-m-p-h?”

I’d say, “Nope, not two O’s. It’s three O’s then an M and then an F.”