Thank you and here is some gratitude
Andrei Draganescu

Well said Andrei. I was too supprised about the comments, and hope this will not scare people off to do their startup dream or go for it again after a fail.

My own experience is to read a lot of previous experience and theories on how things should be done, then find myself do the exact same misstakes I just planned not to do.

There are some skills that can’t be achived theoretically and some situations you can’t plan for. It is not a sientific experiment to do a startup. You can read about theories and plan what to do, but you need to practise too. Much like in sports you can’t really go anywhere without practise.

An other analogy I’ve found is to a crisis situation. It is impossible to plan fully, and worst of all you can never be sure how you self will react in the situation. This is also something true for startups when you happend to be in situations and just have to make the best out of it.

I appriciated the article very much, thank you!

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