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Field trips are crazy hard to plan, but two things:

  1. When I only had one class and it met for 4 hours every day, it was MUCH easier to plan a field trip than when I had a class every other day for 1.5 hours. Because there were a lot more date/time options for scheduling trips and there was a much larger buffer for travel, so that we could travel up to 30–45 minutes away and still be at the destination for an hour or so.
  2. Teachers don’t necessarily need to be the ones planning the field trips. Students can on take this responsibility to travel in small groups to whatever museum, etc they need to visit for research or exploration. Montessori schools call these “going outs”. They have lists of designated drivers (or now Uber perhaps) that students can use to arrange transportation. And in high school, students could likely drive themselves. Of course this uses the honor system, but that’s something that can be worked on in each class to set expectations for behavior and accountability of such outings.
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