Day 1: WTF are we doing?

Documenting the journey.

I’ve always heard that you should document the process and record the journey as it unfolds. Well this is how it starts. Right here. This grammatically fucked, misused punctuation and overworked spellcheck article is us getting ready for the first leap off of the cliff. We plan on growing and learning how to use our wings on the way down. Hopefully the drop is super long because there is a shit ton to learn and I don’t know how fast our faces will meet the rocks. The idea is still in beta and will probably change tomorrow but that is all a part of the story and I intend on telling the full thing as it happens.

The idea is to travel as much as possible with the intention of experiencing as much of the “real world” as possible. Everyone wants that shit though, right? Nah, my wife and I aren’t everyone. Everyone posts vacation and travel pics all over social media but the message is shallow, unrealistic and, to be honest, boring as fuck. I don’t give a shit about that pic of a pretty sunset or how your ass looks in your bathing suit. How did you get there? More importantly, what about the people you met? What about their stories? That’s what we will uncover and share.

Our belief is that people are too busy focusing on what society says is “the life” that they never reach inside and pull out their own ideas about “the life”. We believe that in the rush to meet society’s expectations we forget the most important thing. All that shit you are trying to horde means nothing without connection. Real human connection. How we connect with the world can produce life changing results. So our real goal, the thing that drives us is keeping an open mind in order to experience that connection and tell the story of others. Letting them tell their story as they’ve experienced it and share that with you. This is all to help us make our own self discoveries and hopefully helping you to make your own as well.

We are broke AF right now (we were so close to running with that as our name). I can barely make a car payment on time. We bought a house 2 years ago and we don’t plan on giving that up quite yet. We both have jobs that we plan on keeping too. My wife is in retail and a Zumba instructor. She happens to be the bread winner right now. I am a freelance graphic artist that ended up working with some of the most talented and up-and-coming digital marketers. There is no reason for us to give up what we have already built. We aren’t naive enough to think we can just do this shit without it. We aren’t 20 somethings that have a ton of time to make mistakes. We have a lot of stuff working against us and my past is not squeaky clean (more on this later). We don’t want to be the regular travel blog or even a travel blog at all. We want to be uniquely us and show you how we do everything in hopes that, along with the stories, we can help you to see that life is all about perspective and knowing who you are.

I really want to be honest with you all. I’m not sure what will happen. I don’t know where this idea will take us but I want to put an end to all the excuses people have for why they ended up abandoning their goals. I want people to see that 2 immature adults with not much working in their favor are capable of. I want to connect with people digitally and in person. I want people to change the way they look at life and the world.

Will any of it actually happen? I have no idea. This is a starting point though. Whatever happens from here is up to the universe. If you are at all intrigued or curious, stay tuned here or one of our social pages. I promise my writing will get better. I will also be daily vlogging the journey. Like I said, growing our wings on the way down. I haven’t edited video since high school so…