It’s irresponsible not to have a 1% allocation to Bitcoin

Inna Polinina
Aug 11 · 1 min read

Kevin O’leary had some not so nice things to say about Bitcoin on CNBC…

Mostly stemming from his dislike of the volatility.

This dislike reached fever pitch when Anthony Pompliano revealed that he had roughly 50% of his wealth in bitcoin.

Well guess what Mr. Wonderful, it is irresponsible not to have any exposure to bitcoin either.

Public pension plans with $1B+ in assets targeted 7.25% long-term return last year.

They missed that target and had a median return of 6.79%.

If they had just 1% of their assets in Bitcoin, those public pension plans would have hit the target.

This is exactly why at least a 1% allocation is needed.

Bitcoin is an asymmetric non correlated asset. Perfect for institutional macro funds.

Stay informed my friends.

Inna Polinina

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Decentralized social media believer.

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