Mastercard To Issue Own Cryptocurrency?

Inna Polinina
Aug 11 · 2 min read

Not many days ago, Mastercard made some news by posting a job opening related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. The company is looking to fill three senior-level positions in its blockchain project.

MasterCard is developing a crypto wallet according to the company’s job board. The company advertised openings for the position of Vice President in the product management of blockchain and two directors, one for product development and innovation-blockchain solutions architect and the other for product management-cryptocurrency/wallets. The job posting goes on to state that the new employees will work with a cross-functional team to develop new products and solutions. Besides the three advertised executive roles, MasterCard is also recruiting blockchain engineers and blockchain analysts.

For all we know, Mastercard is already one of the 27 members of Facebook’s project Libra. But now that this project is in the doldrums, will it be possible for this giant financial company to issue its own cryptocurrency? They certainly have the deep pocket, necessary retail consumer industry background and of course network to launch their own version of digital money.

Being a crypto enthusiast, I would welcome this kind of development as this only validates the technology and real world use cases of Bitcoin and of course crypto in general. Big techs have noticed it, financial industry have also noticed it, well, even world leaders and governments are noticing it. It certainly is a long list of disruptions that Bitcoin and other altcoins are bringing into our generation. What happens next just excites me, the adage holds true: nothing can stop Bitcoin! The other big corporations or governments efforts to stop it, only makes it stronger. They better join or they miss out…

Inna Polinina

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Decentralized social media believer.

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