Once BTC closes above $14k on the monthly chart, it likely never looks back

Inna Polinina

If history repeats, a close above $14k would signal off to the races.

Looking back at the chart of bitcoin, every time prices have closed above the previous closing high on a monthly chart, they never retested again.

Well, I should say they haven’t retested yet.

Check it out:

Getting very close to go time…

As you can see, every time bitcoin has closed above the previous closing high on the monthly chart, it was off to the races, never to retest.

There is a lot of time left in this month still, but if we can close above $14k for the month, it would likely signal the last opportunity you had to purchase bitcoin below $14k.

Now that’s a mind boggler right there!

Stay informed my friends.

Inna Polinina

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Decentralized social media believer.

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