Anxiety Rising

Anxiety Rising Mikayla Holmes

It was a bit of a hair raising experience getting to my early morning flight. I was staying just 10 minutes from Sydney airport, but knowing that it was Monday morning and traffic is always horrendous, we had allowed an hour to make the short trip.

As we pulled onto the main road, it was clear that we were bumper to bumper and going to crawl all the way to the airport. Using the analogy that being depressed is living in the past and being anxious is living in the future, it makes it easier to work out my feelings. I had realised that my anxiety was rising and ran through my mantra ‘what will be, will be’.

I looked to my left and saw that we have stopped by a house that had two huge butterflies by their front door. I could not help but smile and breathe when I absorbed the fact that one was yellow and one was blue. I needed to stop worrying about the traffic to clear, and for me to arrive with enough time to board my flight.

We crawled bumper to bumper for another 20 minutes. I called my family to wish them a good day. My husband was a bit worried about our progress and, without thinking, said we should hurry up. My anxiety rose a bit and instead of panicking, I just knew that I had to go with the flow. As I said this in my head, I saw a butterfly sticker on a car and then another blue butterfly in a shop window.

calm cue sign

These were too many coincidences to dismiss!

When you get in sync with yourself and allow your mind to be in the present moment, it stops anxiety. I got to the boarding gate as they started to let passengers board the plane and had a safe flight happy days!

Love Mikayla

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